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Eachine Racer 250

Introduction Quad rotor racing is becoming more and more popular, so it comes as no surprise that Eachine decided to get into the game with a new 250-size racer made for people on a budget. You can easily spend up to a thousand dollars on a nice racer, but if you want to get into the sport for less than 200 bucks, then the Eachine Racer 250 is perfect for you. It’s almost a ready to fly aircraft, ...


We all knew it was coming…a Nano racer from JJRPO. JJRC branched into JJPRO recently and started making racers. They made a few brushless racers that got mixed reviews; but with the rise in popularity of Nano racers, it was inevitable that we would see a Nano racer from JJPRO. It’s named the T1 because it’s the first Nano racer from JJPRO, and they put a lot of work into making something that coul...

Swarm of Drones Dropped from Jets

The military is definitely pushing the boundary of what can be done with drones. The biggest advances seem to be in “swarming”, where multiple drones are cooperating in the same mission. The United States military has been testing this by releasing 103 Perdix drones from three F/A-18 Super Hornets at high speed. The drones must be designed to withstand the shock of release at this spee...

“My Drone” Has 7 Automated Flight Modes

A California startup has run a successful crowdfunding campaign to release the “My Drone” – a compact, intelligent quadcopter that promises to have multiple flight modes. The “My Drone” will include a wearable tracker that has video-game-like controls, allowing the wearer to manually take over control of the drone as needed. The “My Drone” will also have t...

DJI Announces The Matrice 200

DJI is most popularly know for it’s Phantom and Inspire line of drones. These drones are relatively inexpensive and easy to fly. However, DJI has an entire industrial side of its business that focuses on search and rescue, inspections, and other operations that are best performed by higher end drones. The Matrice 100 has been a staple for these types of operations and now, DJI has announced ...




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FlexRC Owl Storm Edition

Introduction The FlexRC Owl Storm Edition is my new favorite FPV quadcopter. There – I said it! Feel...



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XK X-252

The X-252 Shuttle is meant for people who love a g...



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DJI Phantom 4

Introduction There was a lot of buzz about DJI’s a...


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