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The Story Behind the Tiny Whoop FPV Racer

The term “Tiny Whoop” has become slang for just about any small quadcopter that you can race around indoors these days. However, the actual Tiny Whoop was developed originally by a FPV drone pilot from Fort Collins, Colorado named Jesse Perkins. This article discusses how he came up with the idea for the Tiny Whoop and where he sees the future going for this popular little indoor racer...

Things To Know When Buying A Drone

If you are in the market for your first drone or looking to upgrade from a toy to a more expensive and sophisticated camera drone, then you definitely want to check out this article. In it, the author goes through all of the steps and research he did before he bought his first drone. Even though it’s easy to just hit the “buy” button on eBay or Amazon, you should really do your h...

How To Sell Your Drone

Selling things these days is as easy as taking some pictures and posting to a site like Craig’s List or eBay. But for drones it can be a little more complicated. That’s because drones are complicated machines. The seller must supply specific, accurate information about the drone, its condition, and how it will be shipped. This article gives some excellent, much needed tips on how to ef...

France Using Drones To Deliver Packages

DPDgroup, an international subsidiary of French national postal service Le Groupe La Poste, is conducting a trial in France in which certain packages, in certain areas are delivered via drone. The trial is being conducted in an area that is heavy with technology startup companies. The idea is to solve the “last mile” of delivery, which is often called the most expensive and time-consum...

Weather and Crushproof Drone

The Aerodyne Nimbus 195 has a unique rounded carbon fiber frame that protects the electronics and gives it a surprising amount of durability. It is designed to be resistant to snow, small amounts of water, crashes, and even the crushing weight of a car driving over it! This little quadcopter goes hard and is designed for serious racers who hope to avoid having to frequently make repairs. For more ...




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DJI Mavic Pro

There is a great buzz going around about DJI and its recent release of some amazing quadcopters. Jus...



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Phantom 3

Introduction The Phantom 3 Professional is the lat...



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3DR Solo

Introduction 2015 has been an amazing year for dro...


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